Monitoring site selected » Dwr Cymru Pumping Station

Margam - Fire Station - (Achieved)
Dwr Cymru Pumping Station - (No Data)
Twll-yn-y-Wal Park - (Achieved)
Margam - Dyffryn School - (Achieved)

Map of Neath Port Talbot

2021 Air Quality Strategy Objective Statistics: All Objectives

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Achieved Exceeded  
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Neath Port Talbot AQMA

Site Statistics Map
The table below shows whether pollution levels recorded at the site you have selected remained within the Government's Air Quality Strategy Objectives in 2021.

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Pollutant Objective Was it achieved? Value
No results available for this year.
* Note that results are excluded where analysers have not returned valid data for at least 75% of the year.
What are the AQS Objectives?What are the AQS Objectives?