Neath Port Talbot AQMA

Neath Port Talbot AQMA
The Environment Act 1995 Part IV established a statutory framework for local air quality management in the UK. The legislation placed a duty upon local authorities to undertake an air quality review and assessment which resulted in Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council making the Taibach/Margam Air Quality Management Area (PM10) Order 2000. This designated an area of Taibach/Margam as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) on 13th June 2000, operative on 1st July 2000.
An AQMA is an area where air pollution is expected to be above the National Air Quality Standards and where people could be exposed to air pollution. Actions must be identified to reduce the pollution in these areas in order to attempt to resolve the problem. As the As air quality improves the AQMA may be reduced in size or removed completely.
For more information please visit the UK National Air Quality Archive
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