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Old Fire Station - Water Street (closed)
Talbot Road (closed)
Port Talbot Docks (closed)
Theodore Road (closed)
Margam - Fire Station (no data)
Dwr Cymru Pumping Station (no data)
Twll-yn-y-Wal Park (no data)
Margam - Dyffryn School (no data)

Map of Neath Port Talbot

Low (1-3) Moderate (4-6) High (7-9)
Very High (10) No Data Closed
Very High
No Data
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Neath Port Talbot AQMA

Air Quality Index

No data is available from Victoria Gardens for this period.

The site may be out of service due to routine calibration or maintenance, malfunction of analysers or logging equipment or loss of communications. Not all sites are contacted every hour, so more information may be available at other times of the day, or by looking at yesterday's bulletin.

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