Monitoring site selected » Twll-yn-y-Wal Park

Pontardawe - Swansea Road (no data)
Milland Road Weather (no data)
Victoria Gardens (Level 1)
Little Warren Weather (no data)
Margam - Fire Station (Level 4)
Dwr Cymru Pumping Station (Level 2)
Twll-yn-y-Wal Park (no data)
Margam - Dyffryn School (no data)

Map of Neath Port Talbot

Low (1-3) Moderate (4-6) High (7-9)
Very High (10) No Data Closed
Very High
No Data
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How the bands are calculated

Air Quality Index

Index Value: 4 (out of 10)

Air Pollution Band: Moderate

The Government's Health Advice for Moderate Air Pollution:

"Mild effects are unlikely to require action, but may be noticed by sensitive people."

To see more information on the health effects of air pollution and how the index and bands are calculated click here.

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